Advance Tech 1964 Co., Ltd. – Distribution, consulting service and import of air pump spare parts, high quality air pump, Over-Haul service and air pump maintenance. industrial air compressor large compressor All models of piston air compressors Piston type air compressor air dryer Air compressor, large industrial air pump Being one of the top in Thailand with more than 30 years of experience in air compressors for all types of industries

Customers can be confident that our Advanced Tech 1964 Co., Ltd. (Advance Tech 1964 Co., Ltd.) is ready to take care of maintenance, check the range, the strength of the air compressor. and other products to be used to the fullest extent with premium after-sales service


Sell-rent Air compressor cheap. Available from 10 hp to 200 hp, can pay installments up to 12 months, 0% interest, with service and advice by a professional team.

ซ่อม Air Compressor , Air Dryer , Air Receiver Tank

We have a professional service team to fix Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Air Receiver Tank and others related to the wind system. It can also give advice on the wind system in the factory.

Design, manufacture and sell Air Receiver Tank from 5 - 25,000 liters according to customer requirements. with a team of engineers to give advice.

ซ่อม Air Compressor , Air Dryer , Air Receiver Tank

We have a team of engineers to analyze the Air Compressor Room to reduce costs, save energy in the wind system. with instruments to measure the use of wind standard

We have a professional team to install air duct systems in our factories, with engineers to design. and check the system

We have a service team about Overhaul Air End - Motor and check Spare Parts according to the service life. and give advice on solving various problems

In addition to providing service for Air Compressor and we also have service to buy-rent Air Dryer and also have after-sales care. and advice from a professional team

We also have various Spare Parts of Air Compressor and Air Dryer for sale. There are also Auto Drain for sale as well.

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