Advance tech 1964 who are Manufactures, Sells, Imports air compressors, Air receiver tanks, Filters, Air dryers and integrated related equipment For Industrial Plants Including medium and large businesses.
We are installation, services and free check during the warranty period by our team of experts
about compressed air system. Guaranteed by more than 20 years of experience in air compressor business, with more than 150 customers.


ซ่อม Air Compressor , Air Dryer , Air Receiver Tank

   Consultant on compressed air systems, engineering and basic theory.

   Service and repair of air compressors, air dryers, etc.

   Air compressors, air dryers, and more are analyzed and monitored.

   There are spare parts and equipment, Air Compressor, Air Dryer and others.


   Produce and sell Air receive tank.

   Produce and sell Air Dryer. 

   Produce and sell Air Filter.

ซ่อม Air Compressor , Air Dryer , Air Receiver Tank

   Rental Air Compressor 

   Service with I.O.T system

   Design an air compressor room for energy savings.

ซ่อม Air Compressor , Air Dryer , Air Receiver Tank

   There is a measurement and analysis of wind consumption.

   Installation of a complete air duct system

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Chicago Pneumatic CPVS

CPVS series - Variable speed control

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ขอขอบคุณบริษัท MMC ที่ไว้วางใจให้เราออกแบบและดูแลระบบห้องลมทั้งระบบ

* Air compressor CHICAGO 50 hp Fixed speed = 1
* Air compressor CHICAGO 50 hp VSD = 1
* Wet tank 1,500 L = 1
* Dry tank 4,000 L = 1
* Air Dryer POWER DRYER 13 m3/min = 2
* Electrical Work = 1 Job
* Air compressor room piping = 1 room
* Production line piping & FRL 23 set = 1 Job
* PU Flooring = 1 room
* Remote shutter door = 2 units


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